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How can I change my personal data?
Just log into your account in order to change your details and click on the "Personal Details" section. To change your address, you need to first enter your postcode and then select the correct address from the drop-down list. Then click save at the bottom. Please be aware that the change for the same month's box has to be done before the 4th of the month. 
If you have any further poblems just contact our customer service team through the contact form.

How do I reset my password?
In order to recover your password, visit degustabox.com/en en hit the Login button. A new page will open where you´ll be able to click on "Recover password". You should receive an email with reset instructions within a few minutes. The e-mail can arrive with a few minutes delay. Don´t forget to check your spam folder!

In order to change your password, firstly log into your Degusta Box account. Click on "Change password", fill in your old password and then confirm your new password twice. 
How can I invite a friend?
Log into your Degusta Box account and click on "Invite Friends" at the top left of your screen. You'll find your personal invitation code under "Invite Code". You also have the option to share your code with a link provided on the same page or share your personal code via socil media. Once your friend has ordered a box, they'll receive a discount of £3 for their first box and you´ll earn 50 points to save for a free box!
How can I send a gift box to someone?
If you are already a customer, you can go to the "Gift a Degustabox" tab in your account menu.
If you're not a customer already, just go to our website homepage and click "Give as Gift!".
The person who you have chosen to receive the gift will then get an email with a gift activation link (on the day you select) and requesting their delivery details. Once they have completed the delivery details process their gift should be sent according to our normal delivery schedule (within a few days or a maximum of three weeks if they do this at the very start of the month). Gifts can only be given to new customers.
Does the recipient have to subscribe in order to receive a Gift box?
No, the recipient only needs to follow the instructions given in the e-mail so they can create an account with their delivery details for the gift that was purchased. If they want to switch their account to a monthly subscription after this, then they just need to enter their payment details.
Can I use promo codes for a gift?
From time to time we do offer promo codes for gifts, however not all promo codes work with gift purchases.
When do I get the survey?
The monthly survey will be available on your account for a limited time (approximately from the 25th until the 10th of the following month) after receiving your box. For example, the January box survey will be available from the 25th of January up until the 10th of February. We'll send you an email notification when the survey is available in your account.
How do I claim my free box?
Once you´ve collected a total of 100 DegustaBox points, you´ll be able to redeem a free box. You can claim your free box in your online account. Simply log in, click on My Points and then click on Redeem. 
How can I pause?
How can I cancel?
We´re sorry to see you go! Please cancel your subscription through the contact form before the 1st of the month. Note that cancellations must be made via the contact form and cannot be made over the phone. Once you are in the contact form, choose the category "Cancellation" and you will be lead through the cancellation procedure. After successful completion of the cancellation you will receive an email confirmation. 

If you didn't find an answer to your question you can contact us via our contact form.

Or via phone: +44 20 3988 4339. Our working hours Monday to Thursday are 9h to 12h & 13h to 16h and Friday 8.30h to 14h