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How do I update my payment details?
Just login into your user profile via the “My Account” button at the top of the website. In the "Personal Details" section go to "Payment Methods". From there you can update all your information. Just let our customer service team know through our contact form, if you have any further questions.

Where do I find my personal promotional code?
Log in to your profile and go to the "Invite Friends" tab. You will find your invite code at the bottom and also an option to input your friend's email address so they will be sent a sign-up link which adds the discount after your friend has signed up on our website. You can also share the code on Facebook or Twitter, and once your friend has signed up, the discount will be applied. 
Can I change the delivery address?
You can change your delivery adress in your profile. Just click "Personal Details" - you will need to first enter your post code and then select the correct address from the drop-down list.
If your box is already on its way you will also need to let us know that you have changed your address (as the box will still be labelled with your old address), or change the address directly via the tracking email sent to you by our courier. Please note that changing the address with our courier will affect that box only, and you will need to update your address in your Degustabox profile for the following month.
How can I change my address/ e-mail/ my personal information?
Just log into your account in order to change your details and click on the "Personal Details" section. To change your address, you need to first enter your postcode and then select the correct address from the drop-down list. Then click save at the bottom. Please be aware that the change for the same month's box has to be done before the 4th of the month. 
If you have any further poblems just contact our customer service team through the contact form.

When do I get the survey?
The monthly survey will be available on your account for a limited time (from the 25th until the 10th of the following month) after receiving your box. 
(i.e. the January box survey will be available from the 25th of January up until the 10th of February).
We'll send you an email notification when the survey is available in your account.

If you didn't find an answer to your question you can contact us via our contact form.

Or via phone: +44 (0) 2035148966. Our working hours Monday to Thursday are 9h to 12h & 13h to 16h and Friday 8.30h to 14h

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