Lentil Waves

Degusta Box September 2014
Burts Lentil Waves

Burts Lentil Waves are available from Waitrose in three tantalising flavours; Sour Cream & Chive, Thai Sweet Chilli and Lightly Salted. Each batch of Lentil Waves are flash cooked in our Devon kitchen and taste just as moreish as our traditional range of crunchy chips.

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Soooo nice - gave you the same satisfaction from crisps, yet are much healthier! Will definitely buy again! Very light and yummy flavours!
I thought these were absolutely disgusting!! They had a really strange taste and texture and the lingering aftertaste wasn't one you really wanted sticking around!! The salted were the worst offenders as at least with the other 2 you had a bit of flavour to attempt to distract from the disaster happening in my mouth!! WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT buy again or recommend! Oh and this opinion is shared jointly with both my mother (62) and son (4) as well as myself!! YUK!!
These were surprisingly delicious, dare I say better tasting than crisps and less fat. Would buy again in a heartbeat
I tried the sour cream ones and loved them. Nice alternative to crisps. Would defiantly recommend and purchase. Other half tried the sweet chilli ones and loved them. Personally I am not a fan of chilli but these ones went down well with him.
Not impressed really - not awful but prefer real crisps
The whole family enjoyed these!
These went down with the family really well especially my children the sweet chilli and sour cream was loved a lot although I loved the salted ones better
Crisps are not something I would normally eat or buy except for grandchildren to snack on. grabbed a bag from box to take into office for afternoon munchies. very nice indeed. much lighter than crisps yet seem to have filled a bigger hole. I will definitely be purchasing some of these once available in shops
These were a huge hit in my house! I personally preferred the Lightly Salted ones but the Sour Cream & Chive and Thai Sweet Chilli weren't around for long when I offered them to the family!
Not really a crisp lover but these were super nice! Really tasty and light and not so naughty!

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