Jordans Simply Granola

Degusta Box September 2014
Jordans Jordans Simply Granola

Prefer the simpler things in life? Our shiny new Simply Granola could be the one for you! A deliciously simple blend of crunchy baked oats with a hint of honey. Mmmm. We like it on its own with milk or yoghurt, but if you fancy yourself to be a cereal mixologist, you can create your own masterpiece by adding whatever you fancy.

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I've just recently tried granola so It was nice to get a different one to try in the box. This one was really nice
Very tasty - i don't usually like this kind of thing, but was nice! Didn't go as mushy as others either!
Never felt the desire to try granola but sprinkled this over homemade yogurt with honey and fresh raspberries and really enjoyed. Have since topped also res with I enjoyed do much. Even mixed into crumble mix for a most indulgent and crunchy topping to fruit crumble.
Both me & my 4 year old son really enjoyed this granola! Simple yet tasty and filling there was often a request for a 2nd bowl full from both of us! My mum also enjoyed it when she came to stay :)
A nice alternative to normal cereal and a lot more filling. Tried with milk but would personally recommend you try it with yogurt and even a bit of fruit. Would defiantly recommend and purchase.
I buy this normally anyway and really enjoy it.
Best Granola I've ever had.

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