Mini Panettone

Degusta Box November 2018
Bauducco Mini Panettone

Bauducco Panettone is moist, fresh and made with the utmost care by the Bauducco family, since 1952. Each Panettone takes 52 hours to be baked using a natural fermentation process.

The already famous yellow box can be found all around the globe and it is the top1 selling brand in the USA.

It is a handy and tasty little snack, and is enjoyable.
Good Tasting product.
I love this product
It is a perfect snack and treat
Again, tasty like fruitcake but not gross like fruitcake.
Great with a cup of coffee or glass of milk.
Loved it. Cant say to much more. Would live to find it where i shop.
Really good
It tasted good but fruit cake isn't my thing