ALO Drink


Degustabox January 2017
ALO Drink Refresh

ALO Drink, which is known for its line of aloe vera beverages, has curated ALO Light-- a group of flavors that contains 50% less sugar and calories than its original line for all to enjoy. This particular beverage, ALO Refresh, uses straight-from-the-leaf aloe vera pulp and juice with a hint of cantaloupe and cucumber to produced an overall gentle yet refreshing beverage. ALO Refresh, along with all other drinks produced by ALO Drink, uses ingredients that are Project Verified Non-GMO, gluten free, fat free, and overall free from any artificial ingredients. For more information on this drink and more, please check out

Different, enjoy trying new products but not interested in purchasing/consuming.
First time drinking it and it was so good. The chunks in was a bit much but you need to put more of that in the box
I actually liked this drink, I got it really cold and enjoyed.
My niece loved it
The flavor was good but I did not like the chunks in it
Loved it
We strained out the pulp because we didn't like the texture, but the flavor after that was incredible.
Love this wish i could find it around me more .
Was an ok drink. Had never tried before.
Loved it