BluePrint Organic

BluePrint Mojo Matcha Energy Tea

Degusta Box March 2018
BluePrint Organic BluePrint Mojo Matcha Energy Tea

BluePrint Energy Teas provide plant-based energy from unique high-function tea blends and powerful superfoods. The teas are low in calories, certified organic and kosher, and only sweetened with organic maple syrup. Swap that cup of Joe and fuel your body with this energy booster and mental pick-me-up! The Guaya-Fiyah tea consists of a guayusa tea, which is naturally full of caffeine, with turmeric and cayenne to add spice and pep to your step. The Mojo Match is a traditional Japanese matcha tea paired with moringa that balances digestion and lifts your spirit. Lemongrass and spearmint give this tea a fresh bright taste.
Tea you can taste, energy you can feel.

Flavor was terrible and I usually like matcha
Not good