2 Mini Original Crusts

Degustabox October 2017
Boboli® 2 Mini Original Crusts

Your search for a great pizza dough recipe is over. Boboli Pizza crust has the best one!. Their ready-made products can help you with all your home cooking needs, from tasty pizzas to delicious desserts. use Boboli pizza crusts as creative outlets, and experiment with our pizza crusts in a variety of recipes from veggie pizzas to fruit pizzas, and everything in between. Or, let cooking with Boboli pizza crusts become a family activity- start having fun in the kitchen together!

Loved that it had 2
I cannot eat dairy products, so Boboli pizza crusts allow me to enjoy pizza without the hospital visit. The crusts taste good, cook evenly, and come in different amounts and sizes. I make a pizza with lactose free cheese, and top it any way I want. I love this smaller size. You get two pizzas, with a salad dinner for two. You can also make breakfast pizza. Kids favorite!!!