Pizza Sauce

Degusta Box February 2018
Boboli® Pizza Sauce

If you like our pizza crust, you'll love our pizza sauce. Flavored with garlic and onion, Italian-style, it's the perfect topping for any 12-inch pizza.

Not bad
Surprisingly good!
Great product!
Tastes good, but sometimes more convenient to just have a jar and use exactly the Amount you want
I love that it came in an easy to use box and taste like real pizzeria style sauce. I wont be buying anything else from now on.
Loved the flavor
I typically make my own sauce from scratch. This is good to have on hand and only needed a couple of additional ingredients to make it spectacular
Like this sauce for ease of use and do purchase it on occasion. As far as taste and health, not my favorite sauce - but still good in a pinch.
Slightly bland.
The taste was delightful.