Campfire Marshmallows

Mini Marshmallows

Degusta Box December 2018
Campfire Marshmallows Mini Marshmallows

Why are Campfire Marshmallows the Best? Since 1917, Campfire Marshmallows has been bringing families together
to share in memory-making moments, and is known as 'The Original Marshmallow.' Our marshmallows are made
fresh to order and we do not use artificial color in the white marshmallows. The other national brand uses artificial
dye, Blue 1. Even better, all of our marshmallows are Gluten Free and Allergen Free! Add a little sweetness to your
everyday life with the best marshmallows in the world - Campfire.

I love to let the kids make marshmallow choco, rice chrisp, oat cookies
Because they were delicious!!
Reminded me a lot of other brands, so not sure I'd recommend one brand over another.
These marshmallows are really good and we've used these several times before. They don't melt and stick together like the others do while sitting in the cabinet.
I would if it came up I guess but again, who sits around chatting about mini marshmallows?
They were so good. It's important to me that the marshmallows do not stick together and I was really happy to see a nice fluffy bag of marshmallows. My daughter loves eating them straight out of the bag, which I started to do too.
Really good. Just need to make sure they are available near me.
I would only buy Campfire if that was all that was available.
We do not eat marshmallows often
Don't eat marshmallows