Cello Whisps

Cheddar Whisps

Degusta Box January 2018
Cello Whisps Cheddar Whisps

What is a Whisp? An airy, crispy, crunchy, and tasty snack made solely from one ingredient: 100% true cheese! Made from Cello's deliciously sharp baked Cheddar cheese, Whisps are an excellent source of calcium and protein. Enjoy them in a salad or by the handful straight out of the bag, like we do!

Yummmmmmy..crispy,cheesy, salty goodness!
Took these on an international trip and they were so good at 30k plus feet in the air.
Love these!
Got sharp just ok
Love em
After everyone said how bad they were I was scared to try them..glad I did thou, they're great.
Sooo good! we need more stat!
I love this product. I ate the whole thing in one setting. YUM!
Love it. Wish I could get more
I will have to say that this item was a great surprise. I wasn't expecting them to taste as good as they did.