Lentil Mac & Cheese Classic Cheddar

Degusta Box November 2018
Chickapea Lentil Mac & Cheese Classic Cheddar

Chickapea's mission is to create good for the world through nutritious, organic meal options and impactful social
contributions. Founded by Shelby Taylor in 2015, Chickapea is making healthy eating simple and delicious across
North America.
Chickapea was created from love; from a great desire to help people live healthier lives without sacrificing their time
or their favorite foods. We have spread so much love through nurturing food, charitable donations and a thriving
workplace, and want to continue to do good as we grow. We believe that business is about so much more than a
single bottom line and using it as a force for good is so ingrained in our DNA that becoming a Certified B Corporation
and joining a robust community of like-minded businesses just made sense. We're always organic and will always
use the best ingredients possible to inspire good with every bite!

Box shared as I am not fond of chickpeas in some instances. other person enjoyed the product. the consistency of peas & lack of flavor, in my opinion, I am giving ***
Good flavor, but weird texture. It got very mushy and felt weird to eat.