Crown Maple

Sugar Packet

Degusta Box January 2018
Crown Maple Sugar Packet

Crown Maple produces distinctively pure, organic and artisan quality maple syrups and sugar. Our Estate, located in
Dover Plains, NY, is situated in the historic Hudson River Valley where it's 800-acres of century old sugar and red
maples enjoy perfect soil and ideal seasonal weather conditions to produce a superior sap for maple sugaring. We
offer a variety of products including our core line of syrups consisting of Amber, Dark, and Very Dark varieties as well
as our flavored syrups including Bourbon Barrel Aged, Applewood Smoked, Madagascar Vanilla Infused and
Cinnamon Infused. In this box, we're sharing with you our Crown Maple sugar, expertly crafted from our premium
syrup. We invite you to explore the best nature has to offer with these Crown Maple sugar packs.

Used in coffee was good
Good, but too expensive.
Doesn't say how much packets are in the box of Crown Maple Sugar or just sugar in the box. Just a thoughts. It's very good and tasty. My favorite.
Um, yum?
It's tasty. I liked it.
Was good
Wayyyy too expensive for any sweetner, rgardlwss of whether naturaloe artificial.
I liked it okay - but that price point is just WAY too high. Sorry.
Didn't know it comes in a larger size. I don't use this type of product that often so I wouldn't be purchasing a larger package. I love that it was made in the hudson valley where I live