Crown Nut Company

Sriracha flavored Almonds

Degusta Box October 2016
Crown Nut Company Sriracha flavored Almonds

Our products are 100% all natural, vegan and locally grown and sourced. They are flavored with non-GMO oil and natural ingredients. Our product design is specifically tailored to draw attention and emphasize our dedication to the customer.

These were fantastic. Great flavors.
I don't like spicy stuff and that's what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up liking them.
These were very good. Bold flavor for almonds. Liked a lot.
They had great flavor I loved the heat it was just right .
These were much better than expected. Not too spicy. I don't eat hot foods, but these were good.
These had an awesome flavor with just a little kick, nothing so spicy as to slow me down from cramming them in my face! I've had flavored almonds that I liked at first but got tired of after a few, or just didn't think were an improvement on plain nuts. These were something special. I hope I can find more!
Too spicy
These were soooo good!