Little Bites® Party Cakes

Degustabox January 2017
Entenmann's® Little Bites® Party Cakes

Entenmann's Little Bites Party Cakes, delicious, golden mini cakes with rainbow sprinkles! The perfect way to celebrate snack time! Perfectly pre-portioned and portable Little Bites® snacks are all readied for you to PACK A POUCH anytime & anywhere, so enjoy!

Yummy! Stayed fresh & moist.
I found these to be super sweet with a stale texture.
I did not like these. I thought they had a very strong artificial taste
Love these things!
Tasty. Two was not enough
Onlt receiving one wasn't very nice. I gave mine to my husband. He thought it was just ok. However I do love most Entemann cakes. They make great pastry.
These are very good, but there is a bit of an artificial taste. I would not buy more.
Like it
Tasted like your average snack cake, very sweet and gummy. It had a plastic taste stick to the cake from the bag, I would not buy these on my own.
Entenmann's has been a favorite snack brand of my family's for years. Loved them always happy with their product tho i dont buy snack cakes often ..