G.H. Cretors

The Mix Popped Corn

Degusta Box December 2018
G.H. Cretors The Mix Popped Corn

At G.H. Cretors, we believe the secret to obsessively delicious popcorn is using real, simple high-quality ingredients.
From cheeses to caramels and yes, even the freshest of dill, our bold and crave-worthy popcorn is handcrafted in
small batches.

Unlike other popcorn brands, we also take the time to choose the very best kernels. Our magic mushroom kernels are
crunchier, denser, larger, heavier and basically perfect for holding more flavor, more zip and zing, and of course,
more deliciousness! It's safe to say that we obsess over our ingredients, so you can obsess over our popcorn.

Our unique artisanal process has been passed down and perfected over the past 130 years. No one else can lay
claim to what we offer - popcorn crafted with passion for well over a century.

Each and every kernel of our popcorn is prepared to be obsessively delicious and will keep you obsessively coming
back for one more mouthful.

G.H. Cretors. Obsessively Delicious™ Popcorn

Omg I loved this sweet and savory popcorn together
I love this popcorn! I was so excited to see two packs in my box. The sweet - savory mix is super yummy!