Black Beans (Low Sodium)

Degusta Box June 2018
Goya Black Beans (Low Sodium)


Plump, whole, tender black beans in a can with 70% less sodium than the original. Perfect for rice and beans, ready
to use in salads or as an ingredient in soups, chilis, refried beans and stews, these premium beans give you and your
family a great alternative to meat.

My Husband has a bad heart and liver we try to not used canned for much but its hard to make chili in a hurry with dry beans. I used the black beans in it and he loved it !
Please use bpa-free cans
I prefer more flavor
Had before, good ,perfer whole beans then processed beans
Good beans!!
They were okay. I put them in a pasta salad.
These tasted the same as the normal black beans.
These were OK I mix them with some white rice and Gravy,
I thought they were really good. I didn't even know they were low sodium.