Casero Refried Black Beans

Degusta Box February 2018
Goya Casero Refried Black Beans

Our authentic, chunky-smooth, Mexican-style refried beans are cholesterol-free and made without lard. Goya offers different bean assortments, which include fat free and reduced sodium varieties. Ready to use as a side dish or ingredient in your favorite Mexican recipe.

Love black beans
Good flavor ... not mushy
Very good beans
These were awesome in juevos rancheros. will repurchase soon!
Shared these with my Hispanic coworker. She loves the GOYA brand.
I rarely use a product like this but will purchase this when needed.
Great taste. More vitamins in black beans. Great for a quick tostada or just as bean dip out of can.
I did not care for the taste of these, and they were too smooth/processed.
Good flavor