Sazonador Total

Degusta Box June 2018
Goya Sazonador Total

Rub it on meats, poultry and fish. Add to salads, soups, sauces and vegetables. Enhances
the natural flavors of food
with the perfect mix of
natural ingredients.

From eggs to popcorn, this seasoning pairs well with just about anything!
Wasn't sure how to use this, but its awesome how big it is. Will have to figure out what food to use it on.
My new go to!
My partner used this in seasoning his burgers and thought it was amazing. I can see this spice mix and others like it, sticking around and becoming a staple in our household.
This was a nice surprise. I use it on many items now. I had never used it before.
We really liked this.
I need to try it again. I used it to season roasted veggies and I don't think I used enough
Wasn't bad but I don't want to receive a seasoning, gimme snack food
Never had before and its awesome, been bn using since along with our organic seasoning
Greatest discovery!