Traditional Refried Beans

Degusta Box February 2018
Goya Traditional Refried Beans

Our authentic, chunky-smooth, Mexican-style refried beans are cholesterol-free and made without lard. Goya offers different bean assortments, which include fat free and reduced sodium varieties. Ready to use as a side dish or ingredient in your favorite Mexican recipe.

Nothing special, but taste good
Surprisingly good for canned refried beans!
Good flavor... not runny or oily
Used these in a 7 layer dip for the Superbowl and it was just DELICIOUS.
Goya is a trusted brand and these beans are very delicious and versatile for cooking!!
Great treat
Best canned refried beans I've ever had!
The reaon I was not excited to receive the Goya is because I use it all the time
I don't usually use a product like this so I wasn't sure what to do with it. The flavor was good though
Yum! Love all your products I have tried thus far!