Hungry Jack

Pumpkin Spice Complete Pancake Mix

Degustabox January 2017
Hungry Jack Pumpkin Spice Complete Pancake Mix

Nothing brings the family together like warm, hearty pancakes on a cold winter day. Hungry Jack Pumpkin Spice Pancake Mix is the perfect way to turn your breakfast into a BreakFEAST

Just add water to make this seasonal treat the whole family will love!

Tastes great!
Awesome, easy & tasted great!
Couldn't believe how light a fluffy the pancakes turned out from this box mix. The flavor was just enough (not overwhelming) since I usually pass on Pumpkin flavored anything. I'm excited to try other flavors now!
My husband and I did not care for this. There is an artificial aftertaste.
I have purchased this product in the past, and I love it! I get 2 - 3 boxes to last me through the season, and just adding water makes it perfect for quick prep!
I LOVE these! Had a lot of people over at my house so I made the whole box and freeze'd the leftovers! Made a perfect quick breakfast for those morning when I craved something sweet!
Loved the flavored, I added some syrup and it was part of a great breakfast along with my bacon and eggs.
LOVED it. I was a little unsure if I would like it, but so yummy and I didn't even use syrup.
Don't like pumpkin but my sister liked it
It was pretty good but I am the only one who likes pumpkin in my household and I am not a huge pancake person... so it will not get used.