Julian's Recipe

Belgian Pastry Waffles - Sweet Vanilla

Degusta Box March 2018
Julian's Recipe Belgian Pastry Waffles - Sweet Vanilla

JULIAN'S RECIPE® Belgian Pastry Waffles are made from an Authentic Liège recipe that includes Pearl Sugar and Sweet Vanilla! They are individually wrapped for freshness and ready-to-eat right out of the package! Find them in 4 / 1.94 oz (55g) boxes in your Grocer's freezer!

These were very delicious
Love Belgian waffles, but these were a little too sweet. Maybe a once in while snack...
Way too sweet.
These Belgian waffle pastries are excellent. Opted to heat in toaster & added nothing to them. The taste of sweetness & vanilla along with the texture remained soft to break a piece off to eat instead of eating in two bites (I wanted to eat it all and savor the taste. I suggest having these as a dessert (could add ice cream, fresh fruit topping etc making this special for having a cup of coffee with guests.
Very good
Different but good
They were just a quick easy snack and my boys loved them
I wish these werent just in cello bags loose. Didn't have instructions. Had to google it. Tried them cold first. That was gross. Felt not like a quality item to try w/o proper packaging.
Great flavor
I buy these often, love them!