La Tortilla Factory

Low Carb Flour Fajita Size

Degusta Box October 2016
La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Flour Fajita Size

Jose and Mary Tamayo founded La Tortilla Factory in 1977. Three generations later, the Tamayo family remains committed to baking high quality, delicious tortillas that contribute to a nourishing (and busy) lifestyle. Food, family and well-being are at the heart of their values, and they are passionate about delivering Simply Better Tortillas.
La Tortilla Factory is excited to introduce the first Non-GMO project verified low carb tortillas, but that's not all! This product has no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, no hydrogenated or intersterified fats, no Mono and Diglycerides and no modified food starch.
At just 4g net carbs, each tortilla is packed with 3g of protein, 24% of your recommended daily intake of fiber, and has only 45 calories. Made with unbleached wheat flour, these tortillas are simple, soft and tasty. Go forkless and wrap up your next meal.

These tortillas are great. They have enough moisture that when you use them they do not fall apart like other tortillas do! They are naturally homemade without chemicals. Great for everyone.
I enjoyed these very moist, since I'm not a huge bread eater, these were perfect, just enough
Absolutely LOVED! So often lo cal tortillas taste of cardboard and are stiff. These were soft and flavorful
They were stuck together however if you pulled them apart then baked them into burritos with a little oil they crisp up ok
Nasty. All stuck together. The texture was bad and they didn't taste good. Tried them twice in making a breakfast burrito and then quesadillas. Couldn't finish either item.
I didn't like these at all. No one in my house would eat them. Plus they were all stuck together and very difficult to separate without tearing.
Thought these were great! Trying to find them near me. Def eat again!
These were really good.
We couldn't tell these were low carb. They taste really good and we'd definitely buy them again due to the low sugar content.