Cocoa & Milk Wafer

Degusta Box July 2018
Loacker Cocoa & Milk Wafer

Strong & tender - the original combination of cocoa wafers & milk cream
When opposites are combined, completely new flavour combinations are created. The contrast between dark cocoa wafers and light milk cream filling has a strong attraction which nobody can resist. The intense cocoa taste of three light, crispy wafers forms a union with the tender flavour of two layers of delicate, high quality Loacker milk cream filling, offering an original taste sensation, strong and tender at the same time

These were yummy. Great for snacking on.
What a great product,,,,I will be looking to buy more..
I do like the lightness of these and the ingredients
I love the deep chocolate flavor of the wafer, and the crispness of the wafers.
Because it was delicious.
I thought they were really tasty.
I love wafer cookies and this flavor was awesome.
They were delicious. I love that they weren't overly sweet. The crunch made them satisfying
We found the flavor to be a bit anemic.