Quadratini Espresso

Degusta Box March 2018
Loacker Quadratini Espresso

Crunchy, cube shaped espresso pleasure.

Four layers of the smoothest espresso cream are held by five light, crispy wafers. This intensely aromatic cream filling
made with a special Loacker espresso blend will also win over the most demanding connoisseurs.
To meet their high standards, Loacker attaches great importance to the selection of types of coffee, careful processing
of the beans and the final preparation of the coffee.

These are my favorite thing I’ve gotten in a Degusta box! They were a perfect treat and I can’t wait to find them in a store for purchase!!!
Boyfriend loved these
Yummy!!! Can really taste that espresso!
The product is perfect for me. I wasn't expecting the coffee flavor to be as intense compared to the aroma. Sniffed the bag before opening as the aroma was sealed in the box. I love the bite size wafers & have been rationing portions. definitely, a product to purchase and share with friends with a cup of Joe.
Tasty! Good with milk or coffee.
Not too sweet, but just enough to curb a craving. Really tasty treat
I would have preferred a different flavor but they are still tasty
Tasty. After trying a different flavor before, I wasn't expecting to like it much, but I really did like these.
I have had 2 previous flavors in the past. This espresso and strawberry are my favorites now.
I don't usually eat over processed junk like this but you got me this time!