Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods

Sea Salt Naan Chips (1.5oz)

Degusta Box January 2018
Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods Sea Salt Naan Chips (1.5oz)

Tender, freshly baked naan bread—that's the inspiration for Maya Kaima's flame-baked Naan Chips. Our unique baking process captures the blissfulness of this authentic flatbread. Dip them in hummus or guacamole, enjoy with cheese, or crunch them on their own. These toasty triangles are baked with whole grain flour, so you can enjoy with a clear, crisp conscience! Our Naan chips are vegan, kosher, non-gmo and have 0g trans fats and come in three delicious flavors - Rosemary, Sea Salt and Almost Everything.


* There were 2 versions of the January box - one of these included Maya Kaimal Naan Chips


Bland unless you find a lot of dipping stuff!!
Good chips
Love chips full size bag
These chips were super bland, even with hummus.
Love them
Really good chips
I love these chips! :)