Originale Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Degusta Box January 2018
Monini Originale Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monini Originale Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a versatile and balanced oil for every kitchen use. From bread dipping and salad dressing to sautéing and light cooking, this oil will enhance your dish and complement the other ingredients of your recipe.It is characterized by its unmistakably full, well balanced and harmonious taste enhanced by fresh notes reminiscent of new grass. Everything that one could expect from a true "Originale". This product is very versatile thanks to its balanced and harmonious sensorial characteristics. It is rich in aroma and has an intense flavor. 


Technical Evaluation
Fragrance: fruity, grassy 
Flavor: slightly almond, slightly bitter with a delicate peppery aftertaste
Density: full bodied
Color: green with golden yellow hues 
Acidity: 0.4% (less than half of the maximum allowed by law: 0.8%)


Can always use more light oils for cooking.
Thank you will use it for cooking
I loved this EVOO. I wish more oils were included in the box. This is a great one!
I made some bruschetta this past weekend and this olive oil was spot on with flavor and complimented the red wine vinegar perfectly.
Excellent product quality and flavor