Mint Flavored Chocolate Candy Bar

Degusta Box March 2018
OREO Mint Flavored Chocolate Candy Bar

Delicious bits of OREO cookie mixed in smooth, mint flavored creme filling and coated in chocolate candy.

These were so good
Son, who loves mint, claimed these, and loved them.
I love taste of the mint was refreshing, I love that the company combined the flavors together.
Good combo flavors
Love the mint
Great tasting bar especially if you like mint cookies covered in chocolate.
Love it
I give 3 stars due to item arrived in liquid form can you say melting? Once solidified item still was a mess of solid chocolate. Having already eaten the mint oreo cookies this item most likely be on the liked side. Yes, flavors swoon others; I wasn't going to repurchase the cookies, therefore, I might try product & the star level increases. Not able to edit updates.