Palo Popcorn

Bacon Cheddar

Degusta Box October 2016
Palo Popcorn Bacon Cheddar

Palo White Cheddar Popcorn: Intense cheddar flavor with a touch of elegance! Fans of all ages love our All Natural White Cheddar popcorn for its great taste and smooth, creamy texture. Made with pure coconut oil, non-GMO seed, salt, and REAL cheddar cheese. It's amazing how so few ingredients can produce such a mouth-watering taste sensation!
Palo Bacon Cheddar Popcorn: Our Bacon Cheddar, the latest addition to the Palo Popcorn lineup, has become one of our most popular sellers and most talked about flavors. Made with pure coconut oil, non-GMO seed, salt, REAL cheddar cheese, and our unique bacon seasoning. Mmm…Bacon.

This popcorn is delicious! One of our top picks in the October box. I especially love that it's made with simple, natural ingredients. I just wish I could find this locally as my husbands been asking for more.
Didn't like at all, taste awful. Not a fan of bacon chips, but I love bacon, just not on chips, popcorn, etc.
I didn't like this popcorn. I tasted like a glob of grease in my mouth and the flavor was not complimenting either.
I really liked these. The cheese and bacon flavor complemented each other well.
It was good but i duno about bacon popcorn....
It tasted very fake...