Paul's Finest Quinoa

Nuts, Seeds & Honey Bars

Degusta Box March 2017
Paul's Finest Quinoa Nuts, Seeds & Honey Bars

Paul's Quinoa Bars are produced with only 100% natural, certified organic and certified gluten-free ingredients. The base of our 'Nuts, Seeds & Honey' bars is a mix of our own Paul's Quinoa Flakes & Paul's Quinoa Puffs, Pumpkin Seeds & Flax Seeds, Almonds & Peanuts and Honey, which all together results in a really delicious, high-energy and low calorie bar.

You can eat Paul's Quinoa Bars whenever you wish, wherever you are. You will definitely love our bars if you are looking for a delicious healthy and gluten-free snack and/or if you look for a delicious healthy sports bar (suitable for before, during & after a work-out). But watch out: your kids will love them too! ☺

Paul's Quinoa Bars are available in multipacks (5 bars) and as single bars in a counter display (12 bars).

My daughter loves these. The only problem is now I can't find out where to buy them. They don't sell them in the states
Amazing!! Very tasty & love the texture
These were great!!