Ready Nutrition

Protein Water - Pink Grapefruit

Degusta Box August 2018
Ready Nutrition Protein Water - Pink Grapefruit

The All-Natural Protein Water with No Artificial Ingredients!
Ready Water delivers 15 grams of High Quality 100% Whey Protein Isolate, absolutely No Sugar and 5g of
Electrolytes without any Artificial Ingredients.
Want more? We believe we have the best tasting protein water on the market - just try it!

It was very tasty and I would buy it, if I can find it.
Had a slight after taste but wasn't bad.
I really loved this drink. It satisfied my thirst and the protein made it so I wasn't grabbing for carbs later on!
I'm not a grapefruit fan myself so lemon or another citrus would have been more appealing to me but it was still good
I loved the flavor
I could not believe there were 15 grams of protein in this! Great grapefruit flavor.
I want to purchase!!
Would buy
I was surprise at the amount of flavor
It was ok