Schuman Cheese

Cello Whisps

Degustabox January 2017
Schuman Cheese Cello Whisps

Cello Whisps are an award-winning snack made with 100% cheese, nothing else! Our Parmesan Cello Whisps are made using our award-winning Copper Kettle Parmesan, aged for 14 months, to create a flavorful artisan snack. Cello Whisps are all-natural, gluten-free, and an excellent source of protein and calcium. Whisps are amazing on their own or can add delicious crunch and flavor to appetizers, salads, and plenty of dishes.

So very good I wish I can buy them, but unfortunately I can't buy them because they aren't sold where I live.
Extremely salty.
I love these. There are at Costco. I had added these to salads or just ate them alone.
I loved these
These are remarkable. Delicious, satisfying, and just one ingredient. One. That's it. It was worth purchasing the box just to be able to try these out! Absolutely will be looking to buy them at the store!!
I love these!! Now I just have to find out where I can purchase them : )
A welcome addition to my January Degusta box. These are a delicious gluten free alternative to croutons on my salads. Also delicious crumbled into a bowl of soup or straight from the bag for snacking. They've become a new pantry staple for me!
These are so tasty I ate almost the entire bag in one sitting. Now they are a constant on my grocery list!
Did not receive in box
These are AMAZING! I love them, I always take them to work with me.. I work in a restaurant and STILL eat these over other food!