Sir Kensington's

Spicy Ketchup

Degusta Box February 2018
Sir Kensington's Spicy Ketchup

Imagine a ketchup made with actual tomatoes. Our tomatoes born and raised in California's central valley, are crushed and blended with tasty seasonings and spices. With a touch of certified fair trade organic sugar to balance, this spicy ketchup is a perfect match for any cheeseburger or french fry.

I loved this
Great taste!
Love it
This was great on WINGS!
I like this a lot, it won't replace my ketchup on a regular basis, but it was great on fish sticks and I will probably try it with meat loaf as well.
A new favorite
It tastes a lot like BBQ sauce.
Loved it!
This was my favorite thing this month! I'm not a ketchup person, but this ketchup is delicious! It's not sold anywhere around me though and I'd have to buy a case on amazon if I want more...totally worth it!
Best ketchup ever