Dark Chocolate Sundrops

Degusta Box December 2018
SunSpire Dark Chocolate Sundrops

SunSpire's Dark Chocolate SunDrops® are a delicious wholesome alternative to your typical candy coated chocolate.
Our Dark Chocolate SunDrops® offer the great candy taste you love with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
The smooth dark chocolate centers are perfect for those looking for a more rich chocolate candy experience, while the
bright pastel colors add some fun to your baking and snacking endeavors!
Certified Fair Trade.

No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives.
No Hydrogenated Oils, and 0g Trans Fat.
Smooth chocolate center made with rich dark chocolate.
Colorful baking alternative to chocolate chips.



*** Your Box contained either SunSpire SunDrops or Grand Belgian Chocolates

While this tastes great, it have only a few uses as it has a coating shell. If no shell, you could melt it down. Also this is too expensive so there are other cheaper options.
It is good dark chocolate.
They were good. Just good. Not amazing
Love chocolate
They are great
They were delicious. I prefer milk chocolate but these were good for dark
Because I love dark chocolate
Not many people that I know would use these in their baking
I don't make recommendations.
I think they are a little bit over-priced. Similar products are $1-$2 less in stores likevRite Aid otlr CVS.