Chocolate Juniors

Degusta Box October 2018
Tastykake Chocolate Juniors

There is a birthday happening somewhere, so have a piece of birthday cake anytime, without having to give a present. Juniors are finished with chocolate icing, coconut or Koffee Kake crumbs. Of course there are also a variety of Limited Edition options too, but it's the traditional flavors, which have made Juniors a staple of our product line since 1917.
Whether you know them as Kandy Kakes or Tandy Kakes, these beloved treats combine a snack-sized circle of delicious vanilla or chocolate sponge cake, lined with a thick stripe of peanut butter or vanilla créme, and then coated in delicious chocolate for a truly unique and unforgettable treat. Eaten right out of the package or after being chilled in the fridge or freezer (A "Tasty" secret!), Kandy Kakes have become not only a family favorite, but a best-seller since
their launch in 1931, recognizable for their shape, unique name and delicious taste.