That's it.

Zesty Apply + Mango & Chili Bar

Degusta Box June 2018
That's it. Zesty Apply + Mango & Chili Bar

That's it.® is a snack company dedicated to simple and easy ingredients made from real fruits, veggies, and dark
We only use natural, non-GMO fruit and veggies sourced from organic-practicing farms. Our goal is to make eating
healthy snacks easy and stress-free. No washing, cutting or peeling required. Plus, we don't add any preservatives,
colors, or try and trick you by adding sugars and renaming them high-fructose syrup. Our products have 5 or fewer
ingredients that you can pronounce.
Whether you are headed to the gym or in between work meetings we have a snack for you that you can feel good
That's it.® products are non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. We are Paleo certified and Whole30 compliant.

To spicy for my taste
Haven't tried this one from the box....fruit and heat just isn't our thing. However I did purchase a box of apple+strawberry flavor and it was absolutely delicious! It was like a big fat fruit roll up yummy!