The Better Chip

Jalapeño & Cilantro

Degusta Box September 2018
The Better Chip Jalapeño & Cilantro

The Better Chip starts with fresh vegetables blended with corn masa for a flavor experience crafted by nature, and
grounded in goodness. All of our chips are Non-GMO project certified, gluten free and vegan. The ultimate snack for
any entertaining spread.

These were very good,i usually dont eat hot stuff,but i really liked these,just the rt. amount of heat.
I think they would go great with guac, but didnt get a chance to try that combo. I did try to make nachos with them and wasn't crazy about it. Maybe a different cheese.
It's too spicy
There was a lot of flavor to these but I think maybe too much jalapeño. They were good but not worth the heartburn
More tasty than most healthy snacks
Unique flavor and stands up well to dips
Just the right amount oh heat
My husband really liked this. I am not a fan of spicy but he ate the whole bag in 1 sitting
I love this chips, it's flavorful it pack a punch of mouth watering goodness.