The Lovely Candy Company

SuperFruit Chews

Degusta Box October 2016
The Lovely Candy Company SuperFruit Chews

The Lovely Candy Company makes delicious, consciously crafted candies for health-minded consumers looking for indulgent treats that offer the best ingredients available. Our candies were made to address the growing number of consumers who have food sensitivities, allergies or are conscientious about what they eat. Enjoying candy is like riding a bike – everyone should be able to do it. All of our lovely candies are all natural, certified gluten free, non-GMO, certified kosher and contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients. The end result - some of the best tasting, deliciously natural candies you will ever have. Our Superfruit Chews use the highest quality ingredients – nothing artificial and no corn syrup - to make a premium, deliciously chewy, candy treat. Each chew has bits of real fruit and comes in great tasting, superfruit flavors of Cranberry, Raspberry and Blueberry. If you love the wholesome taste of fresh fruit, you will love these fruity chews. A great treat for you and a fantastic treat for the whole family. Live Life Lovely!

These were average. They need a little more flavor.
I thought these were very tasty. I love candy chews and these were good.
I didn't like them. No flavor.
The taste was kind of blah. Not much fruit flavor. They are difficult to chew at first, then soften up.
I loved these !
I thought they were great! Very flavorful and ingredients you can read! Loved them
Waxy and not at all flavorful.
My favorite item of the box. Fruit chews that have pieces of fruit in them. Not overly sweet but not tart. Glad I have 2 boxes with then in.
No one should be forced to eat these.