The Spice Hunter

Coriander Lime Global Fusion Rub

Degusta Box February 2018
The Spice Hunter Coriander Lime Global Fusion Rub

The Spice Hunter's Global Fusion Rubs are high quality blends inspired by popular cuisines from around the world. Global Fusion Rubs are available in 9 different flavors including Spicy Garlic from North Africa, Smoky Turmeric from India and Mango Habenero from Mexico. The Spice Hunter's Coriander Lime Global Fusion Rub is inspired by the lush growing fields of Thailand. This blend combines the fragrant, citrusy notes of coriander seed and the bright tartness of lime. Use as a rub to transform your chicken, tofu or fish or sprinkle on vegetables or rice for great flavor and color.

I use this every time I cook! Love it
No comment
Very good
Very flexible product...can be used on most things.
It's very tasty
Too expensive
I like this, but this jar will probably last me forever. I would rather have a smaller size jar and pay a little less.
Cheaper. $5 is $3 too much for this. There are a lot of cheaper rubs.
I would purchase this regularly if it wasn't so expensive.