Tickle Water

Watermelon Sparkling Water

Degusta Box June 2018
Tickle Water Watermelon Sparkling Water

Tickle Water is a naturally flavored sparkling water created with kids in mind, but enjoyed by all ages. Our lightly
carbonated sparkler in a super stylish package is free of sugar, sweeteners, sodium, preservatives, and of course has
zero calories. Refreshingly clean, distinctively good, drink Tickle Water anytime, anywhere.

Its not carbonated enough didn't like the taste
Tickle water product package is unique & liked. The flavor pleasant, the bubbly, sparkling feature isn't for me. I usually don't enjoy consuming the multiple other brands of flavored, sparkling water or seltzer water. This feedback has no negative comments on product, instead it's an item normally isn't in my palatable zone.
Did not like