Medium Style Mustard Tube

Degusta Box September 2018
Tigertail Medium Style Mustard Tube

Not all Mustards are created equally. Tigertail's NEW Medium Style Mustard is featured in a tube for a number of reasons: BETTER TASTE. No light exposure means hot mustard retains its bright color and flavor profile. BETTER QUALITY. Squeezing the tube as you use it keeps air and germs away from the mustard, so there's no risk of spoilage. MORE CONVENIENT. Not a glass jar, so it won't ruin your camping adventure with shattered glass. Easy to squeeze and use just the right amount on your dish. No chunky plastic bottles so it won't take up a lot of space in your fridge. You can take some with you everywhere! PLUS! It's authentic – straight from Germany. It's unique – something you won't see in your local store (yet). It's portable – you will WANT to take it everywhere. IT'S JUST PLAIN COOL. There you have it! Mustard in a tube......#tigertailit.

So good!! I am in love!