Torie & Howard

Chewie Fruities

Degusta Box April 2018
Torie & Howard Chewie Fruities

Torie & Howard is a producer of USDA certified organic candy designed to satisfy consumers with discriminating
palates who crave healthy, yet indulgent, snacks. The candy is USDA Organic and kosher certified, Vegan, and
contains no genetically modified organisms. Big 8 Allergen friendly the candy contains No GMOs, No Soy, No Dairy,
No Nuts, No artificial colors and no artificial flavors. The company was launched by color consultant Torie Burke and
interior designer Howard Slatkin in early 2012 with headquarters in New Milford, Conn., with a pledge to produce
snacks in ways that are as health-friendly, eco-friendly and socially conscious as possible.

Wanted to find these at the store when I finished them. Better than starburst.
Liked them, but seemed to taste fake.
These are so good! They have such a good flavoring.
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These taste very good! However, they are extremely hard and difficult to chew.
These are really good. WAY better than the other brand.
They were so yummy
I don't usually eat chewie fruits
Some flavors were tasty others were sour in a over ripe fruit way
These made me feel good about giving my kids something sweet that was good for them and they taste great !