Wise Snacks

Bravos Stadium Nacho Tortilla Chips

Degusta Box August 2018
Wise Snacks Bravos Stadium Nacho Tortilla Chips

New From Wise Snacks!

We know you love snacks that satisfy: the intense flavor, the eye-opening crunch and the rush of energy. With Wise
BRAVOS® Tortilla Chips, that intense cheesy flavor is in the bag!

Made with whole grain corn, BRAVOS are crispy and light, with bold taste to satisfy your real cheese cravings.
New to our cheesy line-up is Stadium Nacho Bravos. It's a flavor that will have you saying, "It tastes just like the
nachos you get at the ballpark." It's true - they're a home run. Think creamy cheese taste with a hint of pickled
jalapenos piled on crispy, whole grain tortillas. It's a flavor that delivers authentic Stadium Nacho taste in every bite.

Available in Nacho Cheese flavor too.

I honestly didn't know corn chips could taste that good.
The whole family loved these. Nice kick to them, very delicious.
Good flavor. Enjoyed these.
Taste just like nachos that you have at a movie theater or a baseball game! loved them!