Wise Snacks

Extra Cheesy Cheez Doodles

Degusta Box July 2018
Wise Snacks Extra Cheesy Cheez Doodles

Remember Recess?
That time of day when you let loose, hung out with your friends and had no worries? Well, it still exists inside each bag of Wise Cheez Doodles. Go ahead and tear one open to find out for yourself. We double dog dare you! 
And now we've amped up the experience with even more cheese! Each bag of Wise Extra Cheesy Cheez Doodles is packed with even more cheese on every doodle for a rich a rich, creamy flavor that will satisfy your cheese cravings.

If my local stores would sell these I’d purchase more in a heartbeat!
My kids loved these in our box! I had to go find them at the store to purchase more.
I love these, always have. Thank you, family dollar I am coming.
You can find the big bags at Family Dollar for $1!