Degusta Box October 2014
Bear Alphabites

New BEAR Alphabites are a delicious healthy breakfast with no refined sugar or salt that spell an end to breakfast battles. Made from 5 tasty grains, and our special ingredient coconut blossom nectar, they are low GI and naturally high in calcium- a bowl of Alphabites with 125ml of skimmed milk provides almost half your daily calcium. Available in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco, some Asdas, Ocado and Amazon.

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Horrible. Would not buy
Delicious I would buy it again.
Did not like these at all - tasted stale & were tacky.
Taste really nice and they are also great way for kids to have fun learning at the breakfast table.
My son loved these
I really enjoyed these, as they stayed crisp when the milk was added.
My toddler loves these will have to get more
Alright for a quick breakfast before leaving for work. (similar to other brands but tasty)
My daughter loved these