Degusta Box November 2014
Branston Chutney

Create the perfect dining experience with NEW Branston Chutney! Caramelised Onion works perfectly with any after dinner cheese and bread, and the distinctive taste of Mediterranean Tomato goes well with smoky meats, cheddar and biscuits. Available in-store now, the delicious, versatile range is set to become an everyday staple.

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Love the caramelised onion chutney. Had it with cheese and pate. Yummy!
Tomato one Is delicious, gorgeous with cheese on toast :)
I got the tomato one, I'm glad they sent recipes because I wouldn't have used it. However I've als used it like salsa. It's very tasty.
Onion chutney went well with cheddar cheese, not something i'd eat a lot of myself but the family enjoyed it too
Tried the tomato one it was ok but I found the tomato taste over powered the cheese and it was a medium chedder
Not my sort of thing but have passed it on and it was well received
Perfect to have with pate delicious
Haven't opened yet but love Branston and buy regularly we got tomato which is a favourite chutney and know it will be good
The mediterranean tomato has a lovely tangy flavour
I'm allergic to vinegar so gave this product away