Cook with it!

Degusta Box September 2014
Carnation Cook with it!

Add a delicious, creamy taste to savoury dishes with new Carnation Cook with it! Made using fresh milk and with half the fat of single cream, Cook with it! is a versatile cooking crème - a great ingredient for favourite creamy dishes, from Carbonaras to curries , quiches and soups. Find in store with the Carnation range!

*Carnation Cook with it! contains 68% less fat than single cream

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Such an easy way to make sauces! Made a yummy, simple, quick carbonara - normally i would have an extra pan to wash up from making a sauce, but I could just chuck this in! Also good to make a creamy soup!
I decided to use this to make the carbonara recipe it had on the back, I shocked myself and the family with what I made! It was very nice, very light. If anyone uses the recipe on the package though you will need some pepper for a nice kick.
Not a fan of creamy sauces, so need to come up with some recipe ideas..
Surprisingly easy to use. I had my reservations about this one but I used it for cauliflower cheese and it rocked. I don't normally make much that requires a sauce as I'm always worried about it being lumpy, but with this that is not a concern. It's easy, tasty and so now I will have a go at a carbonara which is something completely new to my repertoire.
Loved this! Used it in a dish I would normally make white sauce for and no one could tell the difference. It definitely has a place as an essential item in my kitchen

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