Cool Dawn

Cool Dawn Recovery

Degusta Box November 2014
Cool Dawn Cool Dawn Recovery

Cool Dawn Recovery Drink is a herbal detox drink that helps to prevent and cure hangovers. It presents a complex and unique combination of citrus and licorice flavours.

Contains no stimulant ingredients and is not carbonated.
We recommend to have one full cold and shaken can towards the end of the night and another one in the morning if still needed.

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I hate licorice so gave it to my partner but he said it didn't really have any affect.
Brllent for the mornings after
The taste was horrible,and didn't work for me,will NOT buy again
Detox is a nonsense, it is demonstrably false as an idea.
Don't get hangovers so couldn't comment on the effect, the taste was ok but nothing to shout about. Unlikely to buy again.
Don't like the taste of liquorice or this product would be a good idea
Strong taste but did the trick for such a tiny can, gave the other can to the birthday boy >.<
Yuk hated these with a vengence
Didn't like the taste but if it does work it's worth trying!
Did not have a hangover but enjoyed it as a drink