Elicoidali Pasta

Degusta Box May 2014
Garofalo Elicoidali Pasta

Excellent pasta is made with high quality durum wheat semolina – no secret ingredients. It should have the colour and aroma of wheat, so you can see the quality of Garofalo pasta when you touch it and cook it, even before tasting it.
Generations of knowledge, talent and pride are concentrated in Grangano, the pasta capital of Italy and home to Garofalo pasta. Our second and third generation workers incorporate their decades of knowledge in the art and skill of pasta-making, with the efficiencies of today’s technology.
Our packaging is as transparent as our belief that making pasta is an ancient art with its own code of rules. It is the result of an understanding that has been passed from generation to generation, and can be tasted in every pack of Garofalo pasta.
Garofalo have over 76 different shapes, produced using bronze die to give the texture ideal for any sauce. The pasta ranges include Traditional pasta, Organic Whole Wheat, Gluten Free pasta and a range of Kids Pasta in fun shapes and small sizes.

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Lovely pasta, nice and thick and it cooked lovely.
Good quality pasta, cooks well and tastes nice.
Good quality pasta, cooks well and tastes nice.
Absolutely wonderful. Best pasta I have tasted in a while.
Lovely. luxury dried pasta. Probably the best dried pasta brand out there.
Nice pasta what more can I say
Really nice pasta, lovely texture and flavour and liked the larger sized pasta shells. Will definitely keep an eye out for these
Nice pasta will definately buy again
Very nice pasta, had a nice texture to it when cooked and the sauce I made stuck to it well.
Very tasty