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All Natural Bars

Degusta Box October 2014
Get Buzzing All Natural Bars

Getbuzzing formed in 2008 offering a range of 100% natural healthy eating products to both your everyday individual and elite athlete. Getbuzzing is a family owned and run business that strives to offer a unique range of products as well as a high level of personal service to customers. Getbuzzing offer five different variants all being suitable for Vegetarians, Diabetics and recommended by the Healthy Eating Guidelines for Schools. The Getbuzzing range is 100% natural, 100% nut free and tastes amazing.

Your surprise Degusta Box
  • Enjoy 10 to 15 products, many are completely new to the market!
  • Receive your Degusta Box every month filled with goodies.
  • All for a cheaper price than you would pay in the shops!

Very morish, in fact I need one now thinking about it...
Quite tasty, would buy again.
Wow! This was soooo moreish I would certainly buy another it was so nutty and tasty, Yet apparently healthy
I loved it very Moorish & delicious.
Nice and they are also healthly
My son said he wishes that these were bigger
Very nice will be buying again
OMG, i thought it would be just another usual flapjack sort of bar but the flavours in this was to die for. I love nutty things, and this had plenty in.
Didn't like that bit too dry
Make a lot of my own flatjack as most shop bought ones are over sweet but not this one. Enjoyed very much.